Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Still here ~ sort of

I feel like I've been absent.

I sort of have.

I have been volunteering at Vacation Bible School every day.

Running every morning.

Softball and baseball at night.

A list of projects to do ~ some that have been started and postponed because of humidity and rain.  Maybe I'll get one finished today.

I'm tired.



Very. Very. itchy!

The doc. calls this problem of mine hives (I will spare you pictures, but they are NOT pretty). 

I call it ANNOYING!

But I'm still smiling ~ and trying not to itch and trying to squeeze in some blogging time before I finally crash at night.  It's not working very well, but I'm trying! 

Alrighty ~ off to spray paint one....last....coat........... before Smiley wakes up and we have to take our pup to the vet. 

Happy Tuesday!


Lisa Anne said...


the treat girl said...

Summer vacay is great....but sometimes I feel like I need a little more structure to my day! They just keep coming and going and I'm doing tons of stuff....but nothing on my list is getting crossed off...and keeping up on my fun blogging is one of them! Although I did just finish the book you sent me....lllloooooovvved it!!! Did you read it too??