Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sassy's (aka....) school year in review

Today is Sassy's last day of 10th grade.  As of tomorrow, I am the mother of a Junior in high school.  As I reflect on this school year with her, I have to acknowledge that the nickname I gave her years ago when I started this blog no longer fits.  She is not a sassy girl.  She does have a little sass from time to time of course, but don't we all?  Therefore, from this point on, I am going to talk about her with her actual name, Hannah.

This year for her was filled with laughter, family, friends, God, school, sports and so much more!  The memories she made this school year will be with her forever.
Lets start at the beginning (and the end):

Here she is:
excited for her first day of 10th grade (on the left) and really excited for her last day (on the right)

She was able to play volleyball for her high school ~ she was on the JV team,  but sat for the Varsity team 
and was able to play in a handful of games:

Once the high school volleyball season ended, it was time to play club volleyball.  Between that, offseason softball training and school there was little free time left.  She definitely worked hard at all three!

However, she was a "superman" for a friend who played on the high school basketball team and seemed to find time to make him fun treats on home game days as well as go to a few games when her schedule would allow

She also was able to go to a SnoDaze dance at a different high school that many of her friends attend

She attended her own high school SnoDaze dance and asked a friend (click the link to see how she asked) to go with her

March brought with it a big milestone.  Hannah celebrated her 16th birthday.

The day after her birthday, she easily passed her driving exam and got her license.

Once spring hit, high school softball was in full swing.  This is the first year in many years we didn't go anywhere for spring break.  Kind of a bummer to be home but Hannah was able to go to softball practice everyday!
This softball season brought challenges right along with it.  You see, Hannah usually plays shortstop or is a pitcher.  Those are the positions she has played in high school and club softball.  Those are the 2 positions she worked on all off season a minimum of a couple times per week. So, when her coach told  her to go to right field the practice right before their first game, her jaw hit the floor.  I'm not going to lie, it took a few days for her to wrap her head around this decision, but ultimately she decided her coach must have enough confidence in her to do well in that spot and to want her on the varsity team in general.  She worked hard all season long and for that I am very proud of her!

She also worked hard at church and this May was Confirmed

Also in May she went to prom with her"friend" and a group of others.  
She had a great time except for the fact that she had an 8am volleyball game the following morning!

This has been a great school year for Hannah and I am looking forward to cheering her on in softball this summer 
and enjoying our time together!

Thats a wrap!

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