Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Dance: Then and Now

Sassy and I went shopping with our mind set on one thing:
finding just the right dress.
She tried on a few and we decided on one together.
The day of the dance arrived and I helped her fix her hair, get ready and attend to some last minute touch ups.
I pulled out the camera and started snapping away.

A Daddy - Daughter dance. 

She even issued an official invitation (check it out here)

She was so excited.

She loved fixing her hair, getting dressed up and applying a little lip gloss.

I loved watching her anticipation - joy - enthusiasm and touch of nervousness.

She had a blast  -  She danced with her Dad and her friends.

It was a great night!

Fast forward a few years

I had ordered a dress Sassy liked online because they did not carry it in the store. She received it in the mail, but wanted to go shopping to make sure she had the perfect dress for the occasion.  Sassy tried on many dresses, we took pictures of her in all of them.  She thought she had decided on a red one instead of the one we ordered, but wasn't quite ready to bite the bullet. 
Later that evening she tried on the ordered dress one more time. Her decision was made, it was definitely "the one", the red one was out!
Once that was decided it was time to shop for shoes and earrings.

Sassy knew she wanted her hair up, and thought I would be just the person to create the up-do she was imagining (I'm so glad she had the confidence in me that I was lacking!).  Thanks to online tutorials, I was able to create what she was hoping for.
She looked liked a fancied up version of her already beautiful self.
 She looked older and mature and I couldn't believe my little girl who just years ago was going through these similar motions for a dance with her Daddy, was going to this dance.
She's gone to other semi-formals with friends but this time was a bit different.
She was going with a young man for the first time.

She asked, and he said, "Yes"

(this was the girls ask guys dance)

Again, she was filled with that mix of feelings:

anticipation - joy - enthusiasm and a touch of nervousness

(I didn't want to post his picture without permission, so just imagine a handsome, polite young man)

She had a great time and created another evening to remember!


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