Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snow Day

Last friday brought on another snow day. 10 more inches of the lovely stuff.   The kids were excited.  Me, I'm frustrated by the late arriving spring. The wet, heavy snow is not fun to shovel and I'm ready to be outside.  We do need the moisture, so for that I am thankful.  Anyway,  I decided that mother nature must be telling us that we need to build a snow man.  Since, as of Friday, we hadn't.   I convinced the kids of my theory that if they finally built a snow man, maybe, just maybe the snow would stop coming....

 (Yes, our snowman has a baseball bat and hat!)

(someone was tired of getting their picture taken)

a little snow basketball was played

and some real snowballs were thrown

 A lot of spring, snow playing, fun was had.  And did it work?  Well, we are suppose to get up to 4 more inches of the white stuff by Tuesday......  Hard to play baseball and softball in this stuff.  But, we'll make the most of it!

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