Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coach's Thank You

My daughter's basketball season ended about a month ago, but just recently was their end of the season party in which we presented the Coach and Assistant Coach with a small token of our gratitude.  While the gifts themselves were nothing much (I collected money and purchased a variety of gift cards I thought they would enjoy) I did take some time creating a couple of things.

First, after the girls' league tournament, Sassy and I came up with this as we wanted to give "Coach" something, since the regular season was over (the state tournament was still to come).  I headed to the gas station, and picked out a bunch of candy bars I thought would work perfectly as words in a poem.  I'm sure many of you have seen these around, but this is what we came up with:

I've actually done this before (for a father's day gift) where I wrote the "poem" out and  taped the candy bars directly in place.  But for this one, I printed out the poem with candy bar images, then tied ribbon onto the candy bars and put it all into a gift bag ~ much easier to carry around a basketball tournament!

Then, for their "real" gifts, I made a couple of Thank You cards and had all of the families sign them.
The cards were a hit, by the parents and Coach's alike.

Here is the one I made for the Assistant Coach:



And the one for the Head Coach:



They were a hit, and could easily be revamped for different sports.

 Just a side note.  I know most coaches do not expect Thank You gifts.  I do however know how much time coaches put into the team.  My husband has coached my Daughter's and Son's teams (softball for her and basketball for him) for many years.  He doesn't just show up for practice or games.  He is at home in the evenings, after his full time job, organizing practices ~ always looking for new ideas ~ or ways he can help the team or individual players learn more and become their best.  Organizing line-ups for games and dealing with the last minute "no shows".  Setting up practice locations, signing up for tournaments, sending out emails, "dealing" with parents, giving rides to those who need help getting to/from practices and games.  So while I say thank you gifts are not expected.  I do hope you all are telling your coaches "Thank You"  and just so you know ~ words are just fine!  Just let them know you appreciate the time and effort they are putting in!

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