Thursday, July 26, 2012

My little Shadow

I have a little shadow.  She follows me around throughout the day, into the kitchen, to the living room, upstairs, downstairs, everywhere.

The other night, I was getting ready to go out with a friend.  We were going to go see a movie.  Smiley kept following me around my bedroom as I got dressed, did my hair and put on my make up.  The entire time she kept making comments like:
"The movie is going to be fun isn't it mom."
"Yep, we're going to have fun."
"We're getting ready to go, aren't we mom."

I kept trying to convince her she was going to stay home with Daddy, Sassy and Action and that they would have lots of fun together.  They were going to play games and go on a bike ride to the park.  She wanted none of it and when my ride arrived, the tears began.  She clutched onto me and it took lots of prying loose of fingers to get her to let go of me and into her Daddy's arms.  Let me note that it was reported to me that after about 1 minute of my being gone she was just fine.  They went on their bike ride to the park, had a yummy snack, played basketball had lots of fun.  Me, I had a nice relaxing evening out watching a movie, with a friend and a glass of wine :)

Anyway, before the crying began, Smiley decided she wanted to take pictures with me ~ she was being a goofball:


Vivian said...

Gotta enjoy their shadows now while WE are their favorite person. Such beauty the both of you!

HoboBaby said...

Love these :) You girls are beautiful!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

That is one cute shadow! :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh my gosh, I remember those days! It's hard to believe it now as my 3 boys ask me when we are going out next (so they can earn babysitting $).

lauren said...

How sweet! Remind her of this when she is a teenager and wants nothing to do with you!