Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hey all!  Another week has gone by and I've only had the opportunity to make one new "pinned" recipe, I also made one we tried last year and like that I have made many times since.

Ready for my O{pin}ions?

First up:

Ham and Cheese Sliders

These were quite easy to put together.  Just a little Miracle Whip/Mayo combo on each bun, a slice of ham and a slice of swiss cheese.  Place them into a baking dish, pour your easy to combine 5 ingredient poppyseed sauce over top and bake.  Everyone in my house liked them both Adults and kids!  Win-Win :)


Chicken and Black Bean Green Enchilada Bake

This is quite good.  My kids don't like rice so it doesn't always go over real well with "the littles"  but Hubby, Sassy and Myself like it!  I have made it a handful of times, but this time used more green enchilada sauce than called for (I used 2 10oz cans) and used a rotisserie chicken.   Mmmm  Mmmmm good!  Those two differences made for a yummy flavorful mexican dish!  I would definitely recommend this recipe!

That's it from me for this week!  I want to know have you pinned anything and tried it?  Was it a recipe, a tip or a craft, if so, what did you think... I mean, what's your O{pin}ion?

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BeCr8iv said...

I'm not a big ham n cheese girl, but those look delicious! I am going to make those SOON! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

That ham and cheese has my mouth watering! :)

BeCr8iv said...

I nominated you for the Liebster Award!