Thursday, October 6, 2011

Embrace the Camera

Last night, Sassy and Action had to attend class at church.  Afterwards, we grabbed some food and went on an impromptu fall picnic (mind you it was 88 degrees outside).

Hubby was working, but the 4 of us had a great time relaxing, laughing, eating, goofing off and playing catch with the football.  We had no agenda and nowhere else to be.

Beautiful colors
Happy Kids
Relaxing Evening
Take Out 
A simply perfect fall evening!

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Laurie J said...

love the feet pic, and that last one is PERFECT! what a fun photo shoot :)

Monica said...

Gosh, those photos are so beautiful! What I would give to have colorful trees and falling leaves. Looks like a pretty perfect day. :)

Anne Eurose Abris said...

Beautiful shots! Love the Fall colors!

Elle said...

beautiful pictures!!

Angel Haynes said...

Gorgeous pictures as always!

Ruthie Hart said...

could they be any more gorgeous! they take after their mama!

Jennifer Juniper said...

What a fun day - I wish my kids would sit still for a photo :( Someone is always frowning because they don't want to be there!

kris {life at the table} said...

love all the colors, and your family is gorgeous!