Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I'm into ~ a PARTY!

I'll start by saying obviously I'm into parties.  Last week it was a get your face on party, this week it was a DIY day party and now this.  Ok, so this girl likes a good party. 

Today it is a "What I'm into" party. 

So a few weeks ago I posted a few of my favorite things ~ check it out here.

I'm still loving those things, but am adding these:

I am into this book and read many nights in bed with my new book light (you know instead of a flashlight).

LOVE this coffee ~
althought I like to grind my own beans, these were on clearance (and yes I purchased 3):

Completely into American Idol.  Thanks to a blog friend, I am playing in a Fantasy Idol league. Currently I'm liking her (along with a few others, but I'll spare you clips of all of them 'cause I'm nice like that):

Accessories ~
Completely into changing up and finding new accessories like these:

I'm also into these things that look and smell of spring:

Brighter Colors:

(do you see them up there?)

This Soap:


This Candle

What are the kids into you ask?

Well, they are all into this:
Who doesn't need a basketball hoop in their basement?

Sassy is into Moxie Girlz:

Action is into all things cars and trucks:

Smiley is into books and babies:

Alright, that's it for this minute.  Be sure to check out Hope Studios link up, and check out what everyone else is into these days!


Jennifer said...

The lanterns are *adorable*. I love the little birds by the photos! Basketball hoop in the basement... that would be SO cool! :)

Happy Mom said...

OK, you may need to help me is one of your favorite things. :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I just bought my first Moxie girl for my niece! I never get to buy girls stuff, so I spent forever picking her out. I need a book light!

jen@odbt said...

The little birds are too cute. I'd never heard of Fantasy Idol - sounds like fun. My little guy is into cars too (the disney cars).

Joyeful said...

Butter Rum coffee--mmm...I can almost smell it ! And I am loving those birds!

tinahead81 said...

that coffee looks yummy!

Lisa Russell said...

I listed American Idol on my list as well. Love the booklight and coffee flavor! Yum!

the treat girl said...

The birds are soooo cute! And I have to try the Bath and Body Works too :)

Joy Beadworks said...

Those birds are sweet, but I LOVE the green vases! Those are awesome!

Sabrina said...

We have a hoop in our basement too! Oh and I haven't smelled that Rain Kissed Leaves before...I'm SO ready for the snow to melt!!!

jubilee said...

Butter Rum coffee sounds so yummy! And I am really diggin' the lantern.