Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Isn't it odd how our minds work?

I was flipping through the TV channels the other night and the movie "I am Sam" appeared on the screen. A movie from 2001 with Michelle Pfeiffer, Sean Penn, and Dakota Fanning.

I was watching it, but all of a sudden, I wasn't in my room anymore. I was sitting in a movie theatre with my hubby, a wonderful friend of mine and her boyfriend at the time (who also happened to be my brother but that a whole other can of worms).

I recall the movie was ok. Probably a renter, but what really comes to mind is the itching.

What? Itching?

My girlfriend and I were not just great friends, but we were also coworkers, and it just so happened that one of our female students had a NASTY case of head lice.

So, much of the time we were sitting in the theatre, we were thinking about lice and the lice that could be on the back of the theatre seats.

Ugh, it makes my head itch again just thinking about it!

Anyway, isn't it interesting how our minds can transport us to a different time and place just by seeing a movie title, a certain sound or a particular scent.


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