Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

We enjoyed another nice weekend.

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures so I have no new ones to post! I know BORING!

Friday night we had some friends (a family of 5 and our wonderful priest ~ who I've mentioned before is leaving our parish soon) over for dinner ~ grilled pizzas and salads. Of course, I couldn't decide on what to make for dessert so I made a couple of choices: chocolate cake (as seen here previously) and one of my honey's favorites, peach cobbler. Everything was delicious and the company was delightful! The kids played, the adults chatted, Father pulled a game from his trunk to play with Sassy (She will miss him and keeps saying, "Mom, I sure wish Father didn't have to leave. But it will be good for him."). Soon Friday turned into Saturday and everyone decided it was time to head home.

Saturday was a day for getting things done ~ lawn mowed, car washed (thanks honey!), a little shopping. But evening rolled around and my honey and I went on a MUCH NEEDED date night. We had a new babysitter come over for the kids. They enjoyed her and gave me the A-OK to have her come again! Yeah, more dates! After we got home a couple of our neighbors came over. Another fun night of friends and not enough sleep!

Sunday ~ Fathers Day: Not much of anything ~ church and relaxation. The day was warm, windy and drizzly. My honey did get a little golfing in though!

And now a new week~ Watch for and ENJOY the simple everyday miracles!

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