Monday, June 8, 2009

Movin' on up

Sassy's last day of school was last friday. Goodbye 2nd grade!

September 2008

What a wonderful year of growing, learning, changing, loving, praying and testing.

Sassy has definitely grown physically this year.
The proof is shown in last summers shorts, which would now be considered quite inappropriate for an 8 year old!


She has learned a lot this year. Things about math and science (she wrote her very first research paper about ants).

She has learned new spelling words and new computer skills.
She has learned new prayers and more about the God we love.

Sassy is ever changing. She is becoming more mature and seeking more freedom and time with friends. She is developing new interests and skills. On a different note, she likes to change her clothes ~ of course leaving the previous outfit on the floor of her room ~ ugh!

Sassy is extremely loving. She looks out for her brother and adores her baby sister. She is very thoughtful of others feelings and is a bit sensitive.

Sassy has been busy in church this school year.
In November she made her first reconciliation, and in April, she celebrated her First Communion.

She participated in the children's choir in church for the first time this year and is looking forward to it starting up again next fall.

Hmmm let's just say, she did very well in her testing at school. It's the testing at home that has picked up. Enough said.

Anyway, hard to believe 3rd grade is right around the corner!

Way to go Sassy!

And a few pictures from the last day....

June 2009

We greeted the kids coming off of the bus with water guns,water balloons and popsicles:

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