Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Single MOM

I have come to the conclusion that I could not function very well as a single mom.

My darling husband was gone part of last week for work. And man, is it tiring running around to different functions with 3 little ones in tow. I think it was the no "down time" until 9 or so after the kid went to bed that really got to me. So honey, I am glad you are home! (Kudos to all you single moms out there, I don't know how you do it everyday!)

However, since he was gone and working so much he was able to take Friday off. He decided that he and Action would go fishing and have a boys day. Sounded good to me. However, I did try to convince Action to let me come. He wasn't having it. He told me I could, "stay home and have some piece and quiet and clean the house". Mighty thoughtful little man I am raising, huh? The unfortunate thing is he was absolutely correct. They left, Smiley ended up taking a very nice morning nap and I cleaned the house.

They had a wonderful time! Perfect weather and Perfect company!

Daddy and Action ~ "my boys"

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