Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whoo Hoo.... finally, our Kitchen Reveal!

Hubby and I had been discussing a kitchen remodel for some time now.  And after saving some $$ we were finally able to stop dreaming and make it a reality!  I will admit, we didn't do any of the physical work ourselves, but instead worked at picking out the new design and then worked at not having a kitchen for 6 weeks.

I admit, I had a vision for what I envisioned our kitchen to become and pinned them on my kitchen board via Pinterest (follow my boards by clicking here).  Here are a few of my pinned kitchens:

This was one of the first kitchens I ever pinned.  I LOVE everything about this kitchen.  I pinned this before we decided to go ahead and remodel.  I love the silver, the white, the glass and the pops of fresh greenery. 

In this picture, my eyes were drawn to the crisp white, clear glass and lighted cabinets.  

And this kitchen, another one of my early kitchen pins.  Once again I absolutely love everything about it.  It just felt timeless, classic, bright and clean.  I love the black countertops, subway tile and glass cabinets.

Alrighty, so now that you know what I like, here is our kitchen before:

and here my friends, is our after:

I knew I wanted an aqua color on the wall ~ the designer had me go with a lighter shade than I had planned and I am glad she convinced me of that.

I also knew I wanted a couple of glass cabinet doors.  Only a couple though, because we are a "real" family and this is definitely a kitchen that gets used and seriously, who wants to "see" tupperware?

I knew I wanted a farmhouse sink, subway tile, white cabinets, and silver hardware.  I also knew I wanted black countertops.  The kitchen designer mentioned doing the island top in white, a concept which had never crossed my mind.  She thought doing the black top on the island would create a sort of   "black hole" that I wouldn't like.  I wasn't convinced.  Then she pulled out my inspiration pictures (a couple of the above pics)  and pointed out that most of them had white islands and I must subconsciously like that look :)  I let my hubby make the final decision on that one and he chose white. I am certainly glad he did.  I love it.

Everything turned out amazing, meal time is no longer a foot fight under our little table and there is so much more work area for the kids to help me out.  
And yes, I am in LOVE with it!  

paint color ~ walls: White Rain by Benjamin Moore, accent color in window: Polished Slate by Benjamin Moore
faucet ~ Danze
countertops ~ Silestone in Tebas Black and Lagoon (island)


Ruthie Hart said...

I am picking up my jaw from the ground...I AM SO IN LOVE!! My dream is to have white cabinets...seriously I love everything about your new kitchen. The hardware (I want!), the colors, the did so goood!

Mommy Girl said...

looks so beautiful! congrats!

Angel said...

I love it! You guys did an amazing job!!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Wow! It is gorgeous!! Great job! :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I LOVE IT! I love the white, the aqua, the inside of the window! the silver! Worth the wait :)

the treat girl said...

I loooooooove it for you!!!!!!! You must pinch yourself every morning when you see it :)