Monday, May 7, 2012

Creating a Plate with Meaning

I saw this wall on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with the idea!

I love the variety of sizes and colors of plates and how they all fit together.  I love the way they seem to creep up the wall, or perhaps they are falling down ~ depending on your perspective. I liked it so much, I decided I wanted to replicate it in my own home.

My wall wasn't created overnight.  My collection started with a couple of plates I got from my Grandpa, an antique collector.  One use to hang in his house, one still has his handwriting and price tag on the back of it and one is from a set of old dishes he had.  The other ones I purchased from random places ~ Crate and Barrel, a local antique store and Home Goods.

But since my plate wall was going up in my dining room, I also wanted a plate with our dinner blessing on it.  And I knew I would be creating it myself.  :)

I purchased a plain white dinner plate at TJ Max (on clearance for $1.50).  Measured out and drew lines (with pencil) directly onto my plate.

Took my fine tip black sharpie marker and wrote our prayer on it over and over and over.  I let it dry, began to wash off the pencil lines and proceeded to watch ALL of my words go down the drain with my lines. :(  Note to self ~ Regular Sharpie Markers DO NOT work on  glazed plates!

Since it was 11:30 at night.  I took a deep breath, gently place my plate on the counter and went to bed.


I went to the craft store and purchased the exact marker I had held in my hand the previous day when I was there, but talked myself out of buying.

Went home.  Redrew lines, rewrote my words and worried just a little when I turned the water on to get rid of my pencil lines.  I began to gently wipe them off and was relieved when they came off easily, but my ink did not!

My new plate:

Perfect for my plate wall!

Which, I will show you all tomorrow :)

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Ruthie Hart said...

I LOVE it! Such a thoughtful (and inexpensive) decor

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Can't wait to see it!! I have a plate collection on my wall too. But how neat that you have plates from your grandpa! I love that! Your prayer plate is beautiful. You have such pretty handwriting! :)

the treat girl said...

Love your blessing plate....can't wait for the big reveal!

Kay Lee said...

how much was the paint sharpie you purchased by the way? Im going to try it this weekend as a bday gift for my sister! =)

Wendy said...

Kay ~ the paint sharpie was about $5 and I used a 40% off coupon at JoAnn Fabrics. Good luck with your plate :)