Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Celebration

Last Friday our overnight guests began arriving ~ First it was Hubby's Sister J, her hubby D and their 3 boys.  Then Grandpa S and Grandma P.  The chaos began and everyone ~ kids included stayed up until 1am.  Saturday brought more arrivals ~ My sister E, her son K and my parents (known as Grandpa P and Grandma P). Later on my sister's husband arrived after coaching at a track meet.  We had a houseful.  17 people to be exact.  It was busy, crazy and fun.

Why all the company?

Last Sunday, Action celebrated his First Communion at church.  And our wonderful families came to town to help him celebrate.  He was excited and nervous.  But everything went smoothly and he looked dashing to boot :)

And, what's a celebration without cake(s)?

It was a wonderful day, a wonderful weekend and yep, I was really tired.  After the last of our guests had loaded up their vehicles and pulled away, I finished the dishes, washed the floor and took a 2 hour nap.  :)

** OH, and make sure you come back tomorrow for our big kitchen reveal!  Super excited to show you all how it turned out!  See you then! **


Ruthie Hart said...

what a wonderful event to have all that family surrounding your little man! CANT WAIT to see the kitchen tomorrow!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Congratulations Action! That is wonderful. We had First Communion at our church too! He looks so handsome. How nice that so much of your family came for the celebration! Love that!!