Thursday, May 3, 2012


She seems to be growing up right before my very eyes.  She can be sweet, she can be sassy, she can be down right grouchy.  But isn't that true for just about anyone?

Last night, I was helping her do her homework (at our new kitchen island I might add).  Spelling words to be exact.  She was studying for her test that is scheduled for tomorrow.

She wasn't happy about me breaking out my camera to snap a few pictures of her ~ but conceded when I jumped in the shot with her.

Then I went outside to check on the other two.  They were very busy playing "store" in a nasty watery sand concoction.  

But were having fun and enjoying each other's company!


Ruthie Hart said...

playing store...cutest thing ever!

Annie said...

You have a beautiful family! I love the nasty, watery sand box store. ;-) Stopping by from Embrace. Have a great day!

Mommy Girl said...

looks like a very happy bunch!

Anonymous said...

your family is so adorable!