Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4 1/2 days of fun

We headed out of town last Thursday for a long weekend of fun with hubby's side of the family.

We did some fishing:

Some singing, listening and laughing (we only got one phone call from the front desk to keep it down):

Hard to believe, but during all the fun some little girl 
(who had skipped her nap that day) completely crashed:

Some golfing (we were trying to determine, but I think it's been 3 years since I've golfed at a course or driving range..... it wasn't quite as scary as I thought it might be):

A few self portraits found by our resident golf photographer (i.e. Sassy)

And me with a little golf "take that face"  or maybe that is actually a "Ugh. I can't believe I hit it there" face.  :)

Still smiling after a round of golf

Some golf cart riding ~ a favorite thing for the kiddos to do at Grandpa and Grandmas house ~ that gravel road saw lots and lots of golf cart tires!

They even tried racing our dog, Zoie.  Zoie won :)

We had a great time and now it's time to unpack do tons of laundry and get back to reality :)

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I am determined to learn how to golf this summer! I've been saying that for 10 years, but this time it's happening!