Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brown,Orange and Yellows ~ with a hint of coffee

It's beginning to look a lot like fall around here!
Actually, it has for a month now, but I'm finally just getting around to telling you about it :)

I don't really go to crazy.  Just some touches here and there.  Simple and not too busy.

First up, our entry.


Branches (can you tell what I used for filler?)

And a few leaves tied onto an empty frame with some clear fishing line.

Next, our Mantel.

A few fall leaf branches (same filler as in the entryway), our family pic and a reminder to "be thankful"

I have a string of white christmas lights (that I leave there all year long) behind the picture to help illuminate the dark corner.

And the other side of the room, with the awkward light. 

A few fall photo frames and a small wreath:

Now come along with me.  Down

For more branches.

These are branches that had fallen from a tree at the park behind our house.  And one morning when I was taking our dog

for a walk, I ended up back at home with an armful of branches :)

But this time for filler, I used some fake fall leaves (I have plenty of these ~ leftover from our wedding decor..........12 years ago)

Our media center:

And do you see the "little fall decor" labeled piece?  Well, I was inspired by pinterest.  This was what I saw:

This was my version:

Ok, not quite as cool, but I didn't feel like digging for a bigger vase, besides, my favorite one broke. :(
BUT.... I still like the simplicity of it and the small pop of fall colors it provides.

Well, there you have it  ~ a bit of fall from my house.

Oh, and that filler coffee beans.  Let me tell you, my house smelt so yummy for so long.  But, I do love the smell of coffee!  This was a inexpensive filler and like I said before I loved walking through the entryway just so I could get a whiff :)

So, do tell.... are you still in fall mode, or have you, like all of the stores, switched over to Christmas?


Jennifer Juniper said...

You know I love branches! Did you use coffee beans as filler?

Angel said...

Your home looks so beautiful and warm! Fall is really just arriving in Southern Arizona, so I'm just getting into the mode. Thanks for sharing some of your space with us!

The Constant Complainer said...

I'm a big fan of Da Stillers too as you know. So I can personally appreciate the Steelers memorabilia! Nice!!!