Monday, April 4, 2011

Linen Closet Organization

1 Linen Closet + 1 Husband + 3 kids = a disaster zone, where you can't find ANYTHING

Go ahead and take a look for yourself:

(EVERYONE needs Laffy Taffy in their linen closet 
FYI, it's a pooping in the potty incentive for Miss Smiley)

Seriously, could someone please put something away?

My solution?

Labels and Tubs
With Pictures!

And you know those frames I scored at the GoodWill a couple weeks ago?  
Well, they were the perfect size to create a couple of clippy holders.

A little spray paint to get rid of the dark wood:

Some ribbon hot glued onto the back:


Add some clips:

Next dilemma, what to do with all those headbands.

Hello 3M hooks:

Ahhhhh, so much better!

Now, lets see how long it lasts!


Cheri said...

Looks great! I love organization! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm a new follower!

✿ n0ra ✿ said...

LOVE the frame. SO simple yet too cute :)

Jami said...

lol, the befores look pretty much like my linen closet. You've inspired me! Love the clip frames too.

Judy said...

I love how you organized everything. I would love for you to come and join my blog party. The link opens at 8pm EST tonight. Hope to see you there.

the treat girl said...

Super duper great, Miss!!! I love it for you!!!!!! And I sooooooo love your new blog look....I'd love to update mine, too...but I have NO IDEA how :(

Lori@KitchenFunk said...

These frames are adorable!

Kristine said...

Great job!!! I love everything about it!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

My linen closet is one of the spots in my house that begins to take over every few months too! I have a bunch of tubs for my stuff too but it isn't as cute as yours :)