Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I couldn't believe it.

I reached in to my huge bottomless pit of a purse.  I reached straight down to the very bottom and slowly pulled my arm back up feeling for it all the way to the top.  Nothing.  I reached down to the right corner.  Nope.  Down to the left corner.  Not there either.  I started to sweat.

My camera.
Not in my purse.

It is always within reach whether in my purse, in my hand, or on top of our refrigerator at home.

And that's where it was today.  I had left it sitting upon the top of the fridge, at home.... in another state.

We had just arrived at my parents home 4 hours away from ours.   I ran to my purse to get my camera to snap a picture and it wasn't there.  How could I have forgotten it on a weekend away.  And not just any weekend, Easter weekend.   You know the weekend of colorful eggs, candies, baskets, excited children and dressed up families.

We colored eggs at my parent's house and I borrowed his camera from on top of the fridge (hmm.... wonder where I get it )

But then our trip continued on.

We went to my hubby's parent's house.

Once again, no camera.  Bummer there was golfing, hot tub time, dressing up, Easter eggs and basket hunting, kite flying and lots of family.

Sure I forgot.  And the moments will be memories captured in our minds instead of on my blog, on paper and potentially in frames.  And as annoyed as I was (and honestly still am ~ although I know I shouldn't be) those "things" do not even begin to compare with what the true meaning of Easter is for my family.  The death and resurrection of our Lord.  And while there are no actual photographs of this blessed event, we remember in our hearts and minds, and we celebrate.  We celebrated with prayer, singing, praise and family.  

I am not perfect.  I forget things.  Not just my camera, but a shirt that my daughter wanted washed so she could wear it to school, a lunch my son wanted to take to school, rolls that needed to be taken out of the freezer for breakfast in the morning and so the list continues.......

But in the end, even though it can be frustrating and feelings can be momentarily hurt, it isn't the "things" that really matter.  And I hope that is something I can teach my children.  For there is SO MUCH MORE.

76.  The excitement of a little competition
77.  Carnival games
78.  Laughing with my sister
79.  A lazy rainy day
80.  A tip


Jennifer Juniper said...

I get a panicky feeling when I forget my camera too! Right up there with forgetting my wallet with a cart full of groceries!

hill said...

Oh man!! I totally can relate about letting it distract me from living in the moment when I forget things! Thanks for liing up. xoxo.

katie said...

I am always forgetful when we travel. There's just too much on my mind and I always leave something behind. It sounds like you had a wonderful time visiting your family despite being without your camera. : )