Monday, July 12, 2010

A few things from this past weekend.

Sassy, who I have given a new nickname ~ at least at home anyway ~ had her 8U softball tournament this past weekend.

What a whirlwind.

They played and won 1 game Friday night, against the team who ended up winning 1st place in the tournament.

Then lost their next 3 games on Saturday.  BUMMER!

Over 1/2 of the girls had never played before. 
And all of the teams we played in the tournament, we had lost to in the regular season.  For example, for our 3rd game we played a team that had beat us in the regular season 31-11.  In the tournament we lost by 1pt in extra innings.  All of the games were close and played well.

And regardless of the place we ended up with (6th for those of you wondering) the girls were proud of themselves, learned A LOT, and had a blast this season.

Our weekend, in pictures:

Since the girls are the  Purple Queens, I couldn't help myself and I made tiara cookies for them.

Lots and Lots of cookies

A little between game relaxing:

Metals were handed out and eaten......

I mean proudly worn:

And coach/daddy/hubby was loved and very much appreciated:

And there couldn't be 2 prouder parents:

Way to go Sassy ~ what a great season you had!

Oh, and by the way, her new nickname.....

Should maybe be Miss Double.... because every hit she had during the tournament was a double, but we are going with wheels

This girl can run like lightening.

And one more thing...

We ended up taking the girls out for ice cream twice this season for filling it up! 

Way to go!


Lori said...

Adorable pictures! I could go for one of those tiara cookies right about now. :)

the treat girl said...

Those cookies are the CUTE.EST! I love her eating her medal :) And the picture of the 3 of you is THE.BEST!!!!! Great season!!!!!