Monday, May 10, 2010

Incentive for little league players

Last year for Sassy's softball team, her coach made a poster called Defense for DQ.   When any of the girls made one of the defensive plays listed, her name was added to an ice cream scoop and it was then taped onto the correct cone.

Well, since that coach moved up an age bracket this year, my hubby stepped up to the plate (hee hee hee....) and is now the head coach for Sassy's team (he assisted last year).  He loves kids, loves sports, had a scholarship for baseball in college, and played in the minor league.  I'd have to say he is a pretty darn good coach ~ I mean really, the guy even gave up his golf league this year so he could coach. 

That being said,  the one thing he doesn't like is the "business" side of it. 

And now, back to me.....

So, I made the poster this year ~ as it was a GREAT incentive for the girls last year. 

Ready (I'm giving you way more details than necessary  ~ full tutorial ☺)? 

Foam board (just because it's heavier than poster board and the wind can be a killer some nights.)
Brown foam ~ for the cones ~ because I felt like it.

Purple paper ~ for the scoops of ice cream ~ because our colors are purple and gold
Large zip lock baggie ~ to tape on the back of the poster to hold the "scoops" and a pen or marker to write the girls names on them
Whatever you want to use to write on the poster ~ as you can see I just printed off the title, emblem and plays then trimmed and matted them.
Rope, twine, string, tape ~ whatever you want to use to hang it up

Lets Play Ball!

And honestly, I haven't made the scoops yet, because the purple paper I have doesn't quite match and I'm kind of a perfectionist that way and I have yet to attach the bag to the back and thread the twine through the  holes (I have yet to make) at the top in order to hook it over the fence for the games.  Please don't judge... It's late and their game isn't until Wednesday night! Plenty of time!

AND (because I know you are wondering...) last year in the last game of the tournament they FINALLY got the double play they needed in order to go to DQ.  I'm not sure what one better the trophy's they won, or the trip to DQ !

(Wow, WAY too many ANDs in this post!  Sorry.)

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Tasha Lehman said...

That's a great idea! We pay our boys for plays and hits to motivate them. Quarters and dollars. We're going broke though so this may be a better plan. LOL

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

what a cool idea!! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Wonderful motivational tool! We gave the boys stickers that they could put on their helmets for each win. (They only got two this season!) We've had so much fun during our first season .... so much excitement this week alone! Feel free to read about our Big Win this week if you'd like. :)