Monday, July 19, 2010

A weekend of.....

Family ~ because isn't that really what it should be about?  Besides spending time with hubby and the kids,  my little sister and her boyfriend came to town to visit.  It was nice to see her. 

Friends ~ celebrating a friends surprise birthday party on a boat ~ on an amazing lake ~ with fabulous people

Storms ~ Thankfully off of the boat ~ we hunkered in the basement for 45+ minutes, while the tornado sirens went off ~ no damage, just some leaves strewn about ~ oh my and how beautiful it was after the storm.

Softball ~ Sassy had an end of the year celebration via the softball association.  There were skill competitions and she placed 1st for throwing and 3rd for hitting.  She had a pretty big smile on her face when she went home with 2 metals.  Even better perhaps was seeing her dad in the dunk tank while the girls he coached took turns dropping him in the water.

How was your weekend?



Lori said...

What great pictures! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Much better than mine which I can't even remember. :/

this free bird said...

stumbled upon your blog and wanted to invite you to enter a giveaway i'm hosting for an ebelskiver pan and turning tools (makes the most delicious danish inspired mini filled pancakes! you kiddos and hubbie would love...the girlfriends too. chocolate filled mini pancakes anyone?)

if you're interested, please feel free to pop on by. would love to see you there!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Who's birthday? Yours??? I knew you should have moved to Pittsburgh by now so the Soul Sisters could take you out :)