Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm praying for:

Peace throughout the world, our country,
our communities and our hearts.
and protection from all who seek to harm us.

Our leaders and teachers ~
and all those who hold positions of authority.

For families ~ those who are rejoicing
those that are suffering.

My husband
our life together as husband a wife and as parents

My children
may they grow in love, faith, wisdom and strength.

And for all children ~ for they are all blessings

And I am giving thanks for all the answered prayers, unanswered prayers and gifts in my life.

Peace and prayers to you today and always!


Jennifer Juniper said...

A great list full of many important things :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful. i stand with you in prayer.

Nancy said...

perfect. thank you for sharing and for being a part of this special day. such a blessing! xoxo Nancy

janet said...

Thank you and I am sending all these lovely words right back to you and your beautiful family.
your friend,

BCR8iv said...

Thanks for sharing. There really isn't anything more beautiful than praying for others! With that said, May God bless you in all of your days, I pray that He continues to shape and mold you, and for your families safety and growth in Him.