Thursday, May 27, 2010

Step out from behind the camera ~ day 4


It's late.

It's been a long day.  Running here and there.  Baking this and that. 

When feeding our dog tonight I actually started to scoop laundry detergent into her dish.... then snapped back to reality and remembered her dog food ISN'T white and powdery.  No worries, she didn't eat it, no animals were harmed during this lapse of brain function.

As busy as today was, I never back down on a challenge, so here is day 4 of Emily's challenge.

Day 4

Resting and being read to by my Sassy.
She LOVES to read
I LOVE to listen!

and just because I have nothing left to do....ha...
I made another version just for fun

I think I maybe like this one better.

Check out Emily's blog, and join the challenge to step out from behind the camera.



emily said...

love this!

Birdie3008 said...

very cool pencil drawing effect :) how great to capture the memory of your daughter reading to you

BeCr8iv said...

The pencil effect is wonderful! I think that black and white photos (or pencils) add so much emotion to a photo. It was always there but we seem to be too distracted by colors to notice it. Take care!