Monday, August 10, 2009

The Basement

Finally, a weekend at home.


Catching up on housework

Dinner out as a family

Listening to the rain

What was that last one you ask?

Rain? Where I live? I know I was just as excited as the next person. And secretly hoping the pond, mud hole, weedy pit behind our house would once again fill up with water. Not the case, but we did get rain.... and lots of it. The grass, newly planted trees and shrubs all sighed in relief.

Right after the Sassy and Action drifted into dream land, the tornado sirens started going off. Since we are usually "safety first" people, we woke them up and hunkered down in the basement. Thankfully, we did not have a tornado touch down at or around our place and we did not hear about much damage. We did however witness this beautiful sky, full of flashes of lightning once the imminent danger was past us.

WARNING: The pictures I have here do not come close to doing the sky justice!

beautiful and fierce ~ amazing

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sawicky99 said...

Love it! The last one is my favorite! I got some great shots too, but I was taking them through a window...on a few of them you can see the reflection of the hall light...They are still awesome...Glad you are all safe!