Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teacher Gift

Sassy wanted to make an end of the year gift for her teacher. This is what we came up with:

Tissue Paper flowers (in a handpainted "vase" filled with chocolates):

colored tissue paper ~ you use 9 circles for each flower
cup or bowl with about a 4 inch diameter do trace
pipe cleaners
empty can (whatever size you want)
acrylic paints
paint brushes
chocolates (or whatever you want to use as filler)


1. Trace your cup or bowl onto the tissue paper (since you need about 9 circles for each flower we stacked them so we only had to trace one).

2. Cut out your circles (leave them stacked so you only have to cut once).

3. Take one pipecleaner and poke a hole through the center of your 9 circles. Then fold the top over so it doesn't slip out of the tissue paper.

4. Loosly gather your petals up and wrap pipecleaner around the bottom of the flower.

5. Gently seperate the "petals" and twist a bit to form your flower.

6. Repeat for as many flowers as you want.

7. Paint any design or pattern you want on your can (Sassy painted bees ~ as her teachers theme for the year was "busy bees") using your acrylic paints.

7. When the can is dry, put your flowers in and fill with chocolates (or whatever you wish to use) to hold them in place.

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