Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Have you ever had neighbors that you did not like or get along with?

Besides living next to the RA in college (don't get me wrong, she was quite nice. It's just my roommate and I were a bit too noisy for her liking and.... well.... never mind), I have been quite fortunate.

After my husband and I were married, we moved to a new city because of a job opportunity. We had one weekend to find a place to call home. Fortunately, we found a nice 2 bedroom apartment with a fitness center and a couple of pools.

Our unit was at the end of a hallway. Across the hall lived a widowed, retired gentleman named Mack. He enjoyed fishing and was a very considerate, friendly man. I often wonder where he is now.

After the apartment we moved into our 1st house. We had a corner lot, but once again our neighbors were very nice and we all looked out for one another. After all, we did live in the "city". There were quite a few families like us ~ just starting to have children. However, our immediate neighbors were a lovely elderly couple. They were very thoughtful ~ always finding things (toys/stuffed animals/lawn chairs) to give to the kids, getting our mail while we were gone and things like that. But man, did she love to talk! I learned her family history~ the good and the bad ~ and the ins and outs of their lives (And on the occasion I seemed to forget something she had told me, I was not to worry because I would eventually hear it again!) I like to think she appreciated the listening ears we gave her. I still send her cards and updates every so often.

Now, in our 2nd home, we are fortunate once again. There are many kids in the neighborhood and more on the way (NO, not me!). There are kids graduating from high school and kids going to preschool. There are babysitters, grandparents and everyone in between. We enjoy spending time with our neighbors and sharing with them joys and pains, struggles and celebrations and more importantly the everyday miracles of life.

I can't imagine not getting along with my neighbors and the struggle that would pose. For this I am thankful. And neighbors, if you are reading this and feel differently please let us know! I'll make you a cake or something! HA!

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