Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A makeover

I have always disliked these bar stools. .

When we bought our current house the previous owner left them here (I guess he didn't like them either). However, they weren't too bad until Action took a pencil and decided to poke holes in the seats. LOVELY!

Since they have sides, they work well for the kids for now.

A bonus: they are pretty comfy (just ugly).

Ok enough said.

Now to the make over....

I headed to the fabric store the other day on a mission to find fabric to make curtains. Which I did not find (for those of you wondering). I did however find a great deal on some vinyl that was the same color as the leather couch in our great room. Perfect for the stools in our kitchen! So I set to work ~ actually pretty easy work at that.

Pulling off the old vinyl.

Measuring out the new.

Pulling, smoothing and stapling it on.

And Voila ~ a makeover!

Why did I wait so long?

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