Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Have you seen it?

I took my kids to see this last week while they were on Spring Break.

I laughed.

They laughed.

I laughed some more.

Sure there were some words in it we don't use in our house... like "Moron". 

We all loved it.

Sassy has read the books and said there were a few things missing, but it was still soooo good.

Have you seen it? 
What would you recommend?


Lori said...

I've got big kiddos now, but I really want to see this!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I haven't had time to see it but some neighbors went last week and they liked it but the kids were a little disappointed that it was different from the books.

My middle son LOVES these books and they really sparked an interest in reading for him :)

Voting on AI is tonight - I'm coming after you. It's on like donkey kong!

the treat girl said...

We haven't read the books so it wouldn't matter to us.......gotta see it! Thanks for the review :)