Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

I'll admit it. I'm a newbie.

This will be the first time I participated in "Not me Monday", although it is a weekly post by MckMama at My Charming kids.

I can tell you right now this won't be a weekly post here. Mainly because I am perfect and have very few "not me" moments. Either that or I have too many and tend to try to permanently block them from my memory.

Yeah, I agree, lets go with the second theory.

Well here are my Not Me's from last week:

First of all, I have not all week had clean folded laundry on the couch in the living room. It is always put away, right away, because that is my most favorite thing to do.

I definitely did not rejoice in the fact that Smiley was sick and tired of being in the health club day care last Wednesday. So tired of being there in fact, that one of the wonderful women there had to come and pull me out of the last 15 minutes of spin class. I mean really I had already burned over 600 calories.

And that evening, when the team snacks came out after Sassy's softball game. It was Not me who really wanted to swipe the Zebra cake right out of her hand so I could eat it myself ~ not something I typically purchase nor typically want.

Last night as I was using my borrowed, very old (might just be an antique), sewing machine to make a baby gift I did not get angry at that "dumb old machine" because it was not working. Because it most certainly was NOT user error!

And finally, I did not ~ nor would I ever ~ let Smiley eat grass in the front yard so I could relax a little bit, keep her busy and snap a couple pictures.

Hurry get it in there!

Shove it in!

Act natural....

Hmmm, Smiley what is sticking out of your mouth?

There you have it! Come on, join in the fun! What didn't you do last week?

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