Monday, February 2, 2015

Volleyball Weekend

Right now, Smiley is sitting next to me, talking.  As usual.  Action is hangin' on the couch enjoying the last few minutes he has of iPod time.  And, Sassy is chillin' in the recliner with her leg elevated and ice on her knee, watching an episode of "Love it, or List it" on HGTV.  The kids have the day off of school today due to a teacher inservice.  Needless to say, we've had a lazy day.  I did start the day off by making sticky buns ~ they were delicious as always! And, I whipped up a no bake cheese cake, which I can't wait to dig into tonight! Hopefully I'll get the recipe posted for you all tomorrow!

I don't know about you, but our weekend flew by.  Hubby and Action went to a friend's lake cabin to have a boys weekend and do a little ice fishing with friends.  While they were off us girls had our own plans, mostly involving Sassy's volleyball tournament on Saturday and Sunday.

We did go to the movie theatre on Friday night.  We found one theatre in our area that was still showing Annie. The girls have wanted to see that since it was released in December and we just haven't had time.  When we arrived we were pleased to find out we were the only one's in the theater. The movie ended up being very cute and Sassy leaned over about halfway through and said, "We have to buy this!"

Saturday morning was relaxing and uneventful.  At 1pm we hopped in the car and headed to volleyball.  Sassy's team won all 3 of their games and took first in their pool.  We got home around 8:30.

Sunday morning arrived early....too early.  Sassy had to be walking through the gym doors when they opened at 7:30 am as per her coaches.  Us girls loaded in the car, grabbed some coffee for the 35 minute drive to the high school they were playing at and prepared for a long day of volleyball (as you'll see in the pic ~ some little girl just couldn't stay awake for the final game).  5 games later.  The girls took 2nd in their bracket and 6th overall out of 40+ teams.  Not to shabby for 16 1/2 hours of volleyball in a weekend.

We headed home to see the boys and watch a little football.  We made it back just in time to see the halftime show with Katy Perry.  I'm not a huge fan of Perry, but I thought she put on a good show.

I didn't see a ton of commercials (missed the first half and dozed off a little bit in the second half ~ oops!), but I did like this one (I actually started a blog about this one last year on June 30, but never finished writing about it):

Note:  This is maybe a longer (or a little different) version of what was shown last night that I already had saved

and this one:

Like I said though, I didn't see many commercials so, help me out ~ what commercials did you like?

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