Monday, June 2, 2014

Preschool Teacher Gift

Just about two weeks ago was Smiley's last day of preschool.  She has had the same two teachers for the last two years.  These are also the same two teachers Action had when he was in preschool.  Since we don't have any more little ones in our house signing up for preschool, I wanted to do something special for these two wonderful women who have played such a huge part of our children's lives and instilled a love of school early on. 

Every year these teachers ask our children questions and somehow present their answers to us parents in some sort of gift ~ there have been cookbooks, end of the year books, pictures or simply door displays.

I wanted to turn the tables and have the kids answer questions about their teachers.

I created a questionnaire (Here is the one I made for Smiley to fill out).

Handed them out to the parents along with instructions on what to do and when to return them to me. Sent out a few reminder emails :) as well as a request for pictures from any of their time spent at school or on field trips.  

I created one binder for each teacher.  Each binder contained a filled in questionnaire from each child along with simple collaged and scrapbooked pages of pictures (I put all pages into clear 3 ring binder sheet protectors).

A few examples:

They LOVED them!

Here are Smiley's finished questionnaires:

And I ended the books with a poem.  I found a poem on Pinterest, but some of the wording wasn't pertinent to our kids, so I changed some of the wording and created a chalkboard like design.  Currently, I can not find the original online, but I never saw an author listed.  
Here is my version:

Need a teacher gift idea?  I would definitely recommend something like this!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

This almost makes me wish I had one young enough to do this again!

Unknown said...

I love this!!! How did you make the chalkboard design for the poem?