Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preschool is over!


It is unreal to me the yesterday was the last day Action will ever go to preschool! How can this be? Where did the time go?

He has changed and grown so much physically and mentally over the past 9 months.

~He writes more often and his handwriting is somewhat legible.
~He has become more aware of the world around him and cause and effect. For example, the other day he stated very matter of fact, "Mom's sure like it when their kids help out, don't they?"
~His vocabulary has grown and he is better able to express himself with words. Another example: Instead of whining while I was on the phone one afternoon, Action stated, "Mom, I am feeling frustrated that you are on the phone."

I am sad that he is growing up so quickly and at the same time ecstatic that he is growing up.

He is loving, caring and empathetic.

He is learning and growing everyday.

I adore him and love him.

I am so proud!


"Nobody knows what a boy is worth, and the world must wait and see, for every man in an honored place, is a boy that used to be" - Phillips Brooks

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