Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ordinary Miracles (16)

Did you have a good week and long weekend?  I am finally sitting down to reflect on the past week to seek out the Ordinary Miracles and savor them.

Last week brought the end of Sassy's first High School softball season.  While their team wasn't one of the best, she had fun meeting new people and playing the game she loves.  The close of this season means I get to see her every day at 2:30 when she gets home from school, we don't have rush to get to her games here or there and after school time is a quiet, relaxing time of day once again.

Smiley had her last day of preschool last wednesday.  This was a bittersweet morning!  Her two teachers, also taught her last year and they taught Action when he was in preschool.  I find it hard to close this chapter in our lives.  My babies are growing up and our preschool days are over.  

Action, in his baseball game last week pitched one inning ~ he struck out two batters and did a nice job ~ definitely a proud momma moment!  He also hit a double to start off an inning.  He was full of smiles and my heart was aglow for his excitement!

Sassy played 2 softball games (with her traveling softball team) last Thursday night that I was able to watch (usually her and Action play on the same nights).  She pitched a great game and had some good hits.  When she was pitching, the batter hit a line drive right back at her and the ball hit her in the shin.  I could tell the pain was excruciating.  She shook it off and finished the game.  Her will, determination and drive is inspiring to watch.  

Memorial weekend was spent together, as a family.  No sports.  A few laid back plans.  Just us.  We ended up hanging out with friends after church on Saturday night at a bbq.  Sunday I had girls night out ~ movie night.  When I returned home, Hubby and the kids were at some friends house for a bon fire, and I was still able to join them.  Monday we went to the horse track with 3 other families.  It was fun and relaxing.  We enjoyed spending time together without having to rush around.

Take a minute or two each day to look around and see the amazing wonders in your life ~ The Ordinary Miracles.

Tell me what Ordinary Miracles have you witnessed in your life?

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