Thursday, September 12, 2013

Steppin' Out ~ Library Style

I am trying to get better at getting in front of the camera instead of always being behind it.  This is not a new thing (see here), but an action that has taken a backseat.  Now that I am getting back to blogging ~ hopefully ~ I want to make this a more regular event again.

So here is me "Steppin'  Out"  yesterday.  Smiley had preschool, so I took her, then ran a few errands.  When I was finished, I headed to the library (which is conveniently next to her school).  I was sitting at a desk, minding my own business, typing up a blog post (Peach Muffins ~ seriously, check it out, they are yummy!) When this younger man came and sat in a oversized chair that was right behind the desk I was sitting at.  Mind you ~ there are many comfy oversized chairs ~ why he chose that one, I'm not sure!  Anyway, he kept stretching and yawning.  No big deal right, but he was so loud.  I think he wanted everyone to know that he was extremely tired.  Annoying!

I tried to get a picture of the culprit for you, but only got myself and the tip top of his head.  Oh well :)

Lesson learned yesterday ~ pick a desk in a more secluded area and when tired, don't announce it to the world via loud yawning and exaggerated stretching.

Oh yeah, and step out and get in some pictures!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I love setting up photos to try to capture another person! I've been known to pose someone right in front of a person with weird hair or something.

As an aside, I hate those google + pages - can't figure out how to click over to someone's blog from there! I was reading a comment from you and ended up in your google + and couldn't find your blog link! What the heck??

Peach muffins and the school shoe photos looked awesome :)