Thursday, August 8, 2013

All Glitters is Gold

There was a blogger who use to do this weekly link up called  "Embrace the Camera"  the whole premise is to step out from behind the camera and get into the pictures with your kids, spouse  and other loved ones.  As parents, we spend a lot of time capturing the memories of our kids on our memory cards, but what about us?

I know for me, when I visiting my parents, I enjoy looking through old photo albums.   I can hear myself now,  "Hey, look at my outfit!"  "Oh my gosh, look at Mom!"  "Check it out, Dad had hair AND those sideburns ~ YIKES!"  "Aww... remember us here...or here.... or doing this together...."

I really enjoy seeing pictures of me with my grandparents, who have all passed.  

All of these pictures really pull at my emotional heart strings, and I love being able to see them.

So, today, I'm bring back Embrace the Camera ~ I haven't seen it on Emily's blog in quite awhile ~ but I think it is so important, and it forces me to get into the pictures and create memories that my kids and hopefully grandkids (in many many many many years to come) will treasure.

A few weekends ago, we traveled to celebrate my cousin's wedding.  The wedding was perfect.  The music lovely, the wedding party, beautiful.  The groom handsome, and the bride gorgeous.  Their vows were written by them, they were funny, sentimental and heartfelt.

Of course, following the wedding we attended the reception, dinner and a dance.  After the dinner they announced that they had a "photo booth" set up in the corner and the more use it got the better. 
Fun, but the dancing began and I was side tracked by this guy:

He was a dancing fool!

In between songs however, we did make our way to the photo booth
And here are our sparkly, glittery results:

 (um, yeah... you could say I was a little off on my prop placement!)

(My big, happy, crazy family ~ minus 1 brother and 1 nephew)

And Hubby and I, with his words of advice for the newlyweds:

Ahh..... pictures with the people I love ~ and what a perfect back drop ~ after all, all that glitters is gold and these people are definitely more precious than all the gold in the world!

So people ~ be sure to get out from behind the camera, have fun and get in front of that thing!  
Want to "get out" with me?
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Jennifer Juniper said...

Ha ha, I love it! I took 404 pictures at the beach and I am in about 10 of them!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

I miss Embrace the Camera. That's where I found your blog! Your family is just delightful. Thanks for the reminder to get in front of the camera again!

Angel said...

I found you through Embrace the Camera! I've loved your blog and your gorgeous family from the start. :)

I went through our vacation pictures yesterday and found very limited evidence that I was even on the vacation. That needs to be remedied in the future!