Monday, July 2, 2012


I am working on creating a gift for some family members.  Last week I piled the kids in the car and we headed to Ikea to get  picture frame that I had seen there before.  We drove 35 minutes, arrived, Action and Smiley checked in to the daycare.  Sassy and I had 45 minutes to shop without "help".  We had fun wandering around the store, unfortunately they didn't have the frame I was in search of.   We ended up purchasing one of each of these:

Side note ~ we've since made these "pudding pops"  that I pinned on Pinterest

so easy ~ milk, cool whip and chocolate instant pudding ~ mix and freeze
the kids.... (hubby and I included) loved them!
cold, creamy, chocolatey.....

Back to the story:

Since Ikea was a bit of a bust, and we were 35 minutes from home, I decided to have an impromptu healthy Burger King picnic at one of our favorite places.  The falls.  The weather was perfect, sunny, warm, yet not hot.  We had a delightful, unplanned afternoon!  And perhaps you'll notice, this was a couple of days before Action took on a new look :)

(helping "baby bird" finish her lunch)

After Burger King and walking around a bit, we decided to get some ice cream :)  Here they are enjoying their treats.

It was a perfectly unplanned day
A day full of beauty and unexpected surprises.

Like finding a heart in the bottom of your ice cream cone.


Sandra Kohlmann said...

Wendy, your family is so beautiful. Way to go, turning your unsuccessful errand into a lovely family afternoon.

Angel said...

I wondered if the pudding pops were good. I'll have to give them a try!