Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Party Games

The other day I posted about Sassy's birthday cupcakes.  Today, I'm going to tell you a little bit more.

First of all games..... What is a kids birthday party without games?  Sassy knew she didn't want a lot of games and wasn't sure what she wanted so I came up with this one and lets just say it was a hit!  (yep, patting myself on the back) The girls even played it again in the morning.  Here's what I did:

I grabbed two big totes and filled each one with random items from around the house, attempting to make each bag similar, yet different.  Some of the items included, scarves, a jump rope, tennis racket, Halloween costume items, microphone, and a play guitar.

Then, we split the girls into 2 teams by drawing names.  Each team received their bag of goodies.  We told them they had 10 minutes to create and act out a skit, commercial or whatever using ALL of the items in their bags.  There was lots of giggling and all of the girls really enjoyed being creative and performing.

After they performed, we judged the performances and the winners won a prize ~ no worries, there was also a pretty good consolation prize ☺

I'd love to give you lots of pictures, but I don't like sharing photos of children who are not my own, so here are a couple of action acting shots (sans faces)

Come back later for the craft the girls made!

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the treat girl said...

What a total BLAST!!!!!!!!! So happy the girlies had fun!