Monday, October 11, 2010

Felt Hair Clips

It's a fact, I like to put bows and flowers in my girls' hair.

I've made satin flowers (thanks Jen)


I've made ribbon ones ( tutorial from "That's so Cuegly")

And you may have noticed from this post that something was wrong. 

Something, or shall we say someone was missing!

Now that Smiley is about to turn 2, we decided it was time to get a new family picture.  She made it through her ummm, grace period (nice excuse, huh?)  and we decided we will keep her ~ most days anyways! :)

Anyhow, I wanted something for her hair.  Something that would go with her dress, but not be huge and crazy. 

Enter package of clearance iron on felt flowers from JoAnn's.  They were on clearance, because 2 of them were missing. Yay for me! 
The only problem was they were layered flowers in  brown, blue, and green.  Since there was no green happening in the dress I had picked out for her for our pictures,  I ripped that one off and created a new brown flower by tracing the old one onto new felt, and cutting it out.  I then made two little flowers to go with it ~ glued them all together in a layering sort of way, then glued them to a hair clip that I spray painted brown.

Voila ~ cute little flower clip (Ummm somehow this flower clip has gone missing, so there are no close up pics of it ~ you'll have to scroll down to see it in action.  UPDATE:  upon asking cute little Smiley where her "pretty" went, she informed me it was "down on da flo" ~ picture almost 2 year old telling me this very matter of fact ~ still can't locate it).

I also made a circle felt clip ~ they had a red one at my JoAnn's, but it wasn't the right color, too expensive, and too big (more adult sized). So I recreated this one as well.  Just cut out a bunch of little circles that gradually get bigger, stitch them together and sew on some beads in the center.  Easy Peasy Cuteness!

AND.... I cheated and purchased another pack of the iron on flowers, except this time in shades of gray and black.  I used on and glued it onto a clip I spray painted black.  This one, like the circle one, when glued onto the clip, the layers lifted.  What to do?  Glue them together :)

There you go, three cute and easy little hair clips.  Of course, I could have made these all by hand, and not have purchased the little iron on flowers from JoAnn's, but with a coupon for the one package, the other package on clearance, it really didn't cost me very much $$! YAY!!!

And now, a few shots of the flower clip..... and Smiley too :)  If you live in the Minneapolis area and want details on the photographer, shoot me an e-mail ( and I'd be happy to give you the info!

Now go and  be inspired:



Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh my goodness... these hair clips are SO DARN cute! Love them! They are so adorable in girls' hair!! :)

sawicky99 said...

BEAUTIFUL new pictures!!! Show us more!!! You guys all look fabulous!!! Gorgeous! Oh and cute clips too...but your beautiful family totally steals the show!

Jen said...

Those clips are so adorable! Girl, you have some talent. They just look so pretty!!

And your family? You're one lucky girl, you know that?? Just beautiful!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

You are such a lucky lady to have such a beautiful family. Everything is amazing. Everyone looks so happy! Love.

Kristen @ said...

what adorable clips! I love them! you can make them to match any outfit :)

I also wanted to let you know about a linky party I started called "Handmade Tuesdays." I feature a tutorial first and then I have a linky at the bottom where you can link up your tutorials :)

Happy Mom said...

Oh boy. I can't wait to see more family shots. I love the gal we use each year. You cannot imagine my bittersweet thoughts when she couldn't do this year due to baby number 2. I wonder why. :)

Send me the details on your photographer. I wasn't as pleased with the person we used since baby2 got in my way. :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Hahaha, I was like "did you paint the mantle?" I missed a whole missing person!