Monday, February 8, 2010

It's official

I'm giving myself a SNOWDAY!

(I know, we are only expected to get 5-9" ~ nothing compared to MANY of you out there in blog land, but it's a nice excuse to skip the Health Club today)


The kids just left for school.

The coffee is brewing.

and now it's time to:

clean up after our Superbowl get together from yesterday (thinking I should have soaked these babies last night, but was too tired).


since it's monday.....


With a little help from this one ~ I'm sure:

Oh, and one more thing:  since I'm not going to the health club today would it be wrong to eat this for breakfast with my coffee?

a chocolate mint cupcake with swiss meringue buttercream from Marzipan's blog ~ made these yesterday and have one word for them ~YUM

What are you doing today?


Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh, you made them! They look great!

We got about 22 inches at my house and it has been a nightmare. We are expecting 4-12 more inches (?) tomorrow! BAH!

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

I think after you clean up all those dishes and do all that laundry, you deserve 2 of those cupcakes! Enjoy!

Happy Mom said...

The dishes are one of my least favorite things. Thankfully, we had a easy clean-up this year...the beauty of friends hosting, my clean-up is vastly reduced to one or two items.

the treat girl said...

Oh!!!!!!!!!! I was tempted to make Marzipan's cupcakes too!! But I did waaaay to much last week with the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake AND the choc. peanut butter rice krispie treats from Jennifer Juniper! Our kids all have ANOTHER snow day tomorrow! YIKES!

Jennifer said...

A snowday sounds perfect! I hope you enjoyed it... and that lovely looking cupcake!! :)