Sunday, February 21, 2010

I cheated.

But I think it worked out well!

Let me explain.

Action's birthday is at the end of January.

Sassy's birthday is at the end of March.

So, I suggested they have a joint birthday party in February at a local inflatable center where they host birthday parties and have gigantic inflatable slides, bounce houses and obstacle courses. At this center you can invite 25 guests besides the birthday child. In my mind perfect. Sassy could invite 12 friends. Action could invite 12 friends. I would only have to worry about 1 party. They thought it was a great idea and agreed.

Last weekend we had the party. It started at 9:30 am and lasted until 11:45.

We had a great time! See for yourself.

Introducing the guests of honor ~ and yeah, nice outfit Action.  The boots really go well with the basketball shorts.  I'm sure they really help with your vertical :)  At least the colors match.

Action ~ enjoying the safety video.  Really he is a safety first kind of kid ~ or maybe not.

At least Smiley enjoyed the video!

Time for fun! (and bad, bad lighting)

Cake time.  I mean DONUTS!  (remember... it was early!)

Make a wish!

And of course a few presents.


the treat girl said...

I'm ALL for cheating!!!! They look like they had a BLAST!!!! They'll remember it always...and I did the same thing for Cubby's third bday...we had a playdoh party at our house in the morning and I just piled Krispie Kreme donuts up on a cake stand with candles. The kiddos loved it!

Jennifer Juniper said...

We've had our last few parties at a place just like this. The donuts were genius! Filing that little tidbit away...

I have a party posting Thursday to link up your own list of faves if you're interested?