Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Organized ~ one step at a time

Well, it's Tuesday and that means a fabulous craft of redo right?

Um, not this week. Not here anyway. I've been trying to clean and organize (not to mention laundry).

Here are a few of the things I've done to get myself more organized.

Since I enjoy trying new recipes I always have loose recipes laying around. One's I've printed off the Internet, some from you lovely bloggers and others from magazines that I've ripped out. I was tired of having piles of them with no rhyme or reason to them. So I picked up one of these handy dandy little hanging file folder holders and got organized. Check it out:

Yay! I can now just go to the correct folder and choose a recipe to try. No more searching through the piles for just the perfect chicken recipe or yummy dessert.

Here pick out a dessert ~ no more sifting through :)

Oh, and after I make it the loose recipe either gets recycled (meaning we didn't like it) or written down and then recycled.

I also use file folders to organize the many papers and schedules we get throughout the year.  This is on a bench in our mud room.

Next up ~ the endless things laying around that belong to the little ones running through the house. I felt like I was constantly either stepping on, around or running items up and down stairs all day long in my quest to keep the floors semi clean. Then I came across this tip ~ somewhere (could have been BH and G). BASKETS. I already love them. They store blankets, toys, and more toys. Now they are my dumping spots for the kid's stuff. Each night they are suppose to take their basket, clean it out and return it to it's original location. Currently I am doing very well at filling them. Now to get the kids to clean them out.... someday perhaps!

I do like the idea of them and they are pretty cute.

Currently I am working on organizing my storage, umm, I mean CRAFT room. Yes, its my little hole in the basement, but it's MY LITTLE HOLE. And it has been a MESS since Christmas. Hopefully someday soon I will have some before and afters, but this is all I've got for today!

One more thing before I go....

HOW DO YOU ORGANIZE? I'm always looking for new and fun tips :)

And don't forget to go here for some real craft and redo inspirations!



Richella said...

So nice to meet you, Wendy! Thank you for visiting me at Imparting Grace.

I enjoyed this article about organization--I'm really impressed and inspired by what you did with the recipes. So many of my recipes now are on full sheets of paper--this would be a great way to corral them. Thanks for the idea! said...

you seem to be very organized! Me.. I can never find anything! I think it's because I work on too many things at one time! I need to organize my TIME! :)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

The baskets are great - make it look so clutter free!

Stephanie said...

What great ideas!!!

the treat girl said...

Loooove the basket idea.. And the cute little photo tags dangling from them!! I always leave a shopping bag in my closet so throughout the week when I put something on and it doesn't work I just toss it in there and then I drop it at the Goodwill when I drive by.

Angie @ said...

hey, i love the baskets... we have a basket at the bottom of the stairs (one of those that is made to sit on 2 steps) that i put the "to go up" stuff into, but it would be great to have a basket for each little mess-maker (some are worse than others, aren't they??) so that they can empty their baskets and be accountable. at this point, getting the basket cleaned out requires me sorting the stuff into 3-4 piles and then making the kids do what we call "deliveries". is it bad when mom's delivery pile has the most stuff in it? :-)

anyway, i just LOVE a clean entryway. it makes me smile and relax. yours looks great!


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I'm always trying to get more organized, too ... although my husband thinks it's a sickness. ;) I love your baskets and the photos that indicate whose is whose. Great idea!

Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

Those baskets are sooo cute! I wish I had room in my home to have baskets like those for my kids. Love the tags with the pictures on them..

Thanks for visiting me today


Jennifer Juniper said...

I need to do this with my recipes. Right now, they are in a photo album type thing with pages and scraps sticking out every place!

Wendy said...

I love how you added the kids pictures to the baskets! What a great personal touch!

Anonymous said...

Those are great ideas. I am not organized at all!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I love the pictures on the baskets! Very cute and practical. I have a long list of things to organize....I better get it done before the nice wheather comes!

Dusa said...

I purchased a journal with blank pages; after I try a receipe and like it, I just use a glue pen to attach it to an empty page. I bought a few self-adhesive tabs to divide the journal into different groups like "beef", "chicken", "desserts", etc.
If I go through the journal and see a receipe in there I don't want anymore, I can peel it right off the page.