Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Me?

I often ask myself ~ "Why am I so lucky?"

I have not had a hard life. My family is loving and supportive, I have a wonderful husband, amazing children (I am only a tiny bit partial), understanding friends, and a strong faith.

This does not mean that things are always easy, my marriage perfect or my children angels. But I am truly blessed.

So why am I so lucky, when there is so much pain and sorrow in the world? I was thinking of this again today, because of this little girl named Kaleigh. You can read her story here: (http://kayleighannefreeman.blogspot.com/). The fight in this little girl is inspirational and she is only 10 months old. My heart aches for her family daily. They will actually be featured on the show "The Doctors" on Wednesday May 13th. There are so many stories like this and so many other stories of pain and sorrow!

(Update ~ was reading up on Kaleigh this morning and found out she is now in Heaven ~ please pray for her family!)

So why am I so lucky? I don't know. But I do know that I have my faith and my prayers. I do feel like I should do more to help those in need, in pain, in sorrow. And those struggling with yesterday, trying to get through today and worrying about tomorrow. But for now I pray ~ and pray hard. And I thank God everyday for the blessing he has bestowed on me.

On a lighter note:
Sassy won her first softball game of the season! 13-1

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