Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We built it ~ Will they come?

I was paging through a Family Fun magazine, while waiting for Sassy's gymnastics class to finish, and came across this project. Action and I thought all of the birds in the neighborhood would love it.

Terra Cotta Bird Bath

terra cotta saucer (whatever size you want for your bird bath)
grapevine wreath (one that fits around your saucer)
rope (we used 1/4" sisal rope)
decorative leaves (we used ivy)


1. Cut the rope into 3 - 5 ft strands.

2. Tie the 3 strands together with one knot at the top and one at the bottom.

3. Tie the 3 strands of rope to your tree using more rope.

4. Set your grapevine wreath in between the 3 strands of rope.

5. Set your saucer inside of the wreath.

6. Decorate the wreath with the decorative leaves (we also used craft glue to help them stay in


7. Fill saucer with water and VOILA a bird bath.

*For fun we also made a homemade bird feeder to hang by the bird bath. To do this you:
1. find a pine cone
2. spread peanut butter all over it
3. roll in birdseed
4. tie string around the pine cone
5. attach to tree

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