Saturday, April 23, 2016


When I heard the news I was shocked.

Sure, I'd heard the reports that he was sick, cancelled some shows, and an airline he was on was forced to stop for a medical emergency.

But I also heard he was fine.  Threw an impromptu party at his "compound" and expressed that fans were not to believe the rumors and to save their prayers.

When I heard the news on Thursday, it took a bit for me to wrap my head around the fact Prince was dead.

Maybe you were a fan, maybe not, perhaps you didn't care either way, but you have to admit he was an amazing artist.  He could play around 27 different instruments, wrote his first song at the age of 7 and never stopped.  He wrote music for all types of artists: Kenny Rogers, Sinead O'Connor, the Bangles, Madonna, Cindi Lauper, and Stevie Nicks, just to name a few. Wrote songs for himself, performed like it was nobody's business and fought the music industry for artist rights.  He helped those in need and helped others achieve their dreams. Just listen to some of the stories out there.  He didn't get in trouble and wanted to be himself.  He had his own color.  Purple.

He was interesting, flamboyant and broke the music "rules."

When I was a child, I was intrigued by him and his fashion, his dance and his sound.  And I'll admit, it was probably a good thing I didn't understand what all of his lyrics meant!

This morning, I was compelled to visit Paisley Park. The flowers, balloons, artwork, and notes being left at his home, his studio, his compound are a beautiful tribute to this man.

With roads being closed, I had to take a walking trail to get there.  The trail was lined with luminaries.  As I got to the side of his property, the purple balloons and flowers on the fence began.  When I turned the corner to the front of the property, I was struck by the smell.  The scent of flowers permeated the air.  An amazing smell.  It was early, so the amount of people there was less.  I was able to walk up and down the fence line and look at and read some of the beautiful tributes to Prince. Besides the smell and the beautiful sight of remembrance, I was in awe at how quiet and peaceful it felt standing on that grassy area, on the corner of a highway,  with all of the news camera and reporters and the fans/mourners.  Prince was a proponent of peace and love and believe me when I say it was in the air.

The world has lost a music genius.  Whether you liked him or not, his music influenced the musicians of today and there will never be anyone quite like him.  RIP Prince.

Thanks for your music, your influence and the memories!

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