Friday, December 19, 2014

What's on the list?

Every year as Christmas approaches, our family loads into our vehicle and drives about 30 minutes south to a local mall.  This isn't the closest mall to our house, but it's tradition.  This is the mall we have taken the kids to, to see Santa since Sassy's first Santa visit when she was 9 months old (13 years ago).

While a couple of our kiddos were definitely a bit reluctant (and perhaps thought I was crazy for having them do this), they smiled and had fun with the experience ~ for their little sister's sake!

Speaking of their little sister, Smiley was fun to watch.  She was filled with nervous excitement and couldn't wait to give Santa her list and tell him what she really wants for Christmas.

As she was waiting in line, you could simply "see" her little brain working as she was rehearsing what she was going to say.  While I couldn't hear what she was saying to herself as she waited in that line, I could see her little mouth moving as she was preparing for her minutes with Santa.

When at last, it was our turn, the kids sat around Santa and posed for a picture.  Then, they each had a  moment to tell him what was on their Christmas list.  Sassy expressed she wanted books and movies, Action: an iPad mini and Minecraft for our playstation.  And Smiley, well, after all of that mental preparation, she asked Santa for.........warm pajamas.  Her wish made me giggle a little bit.

Here is a pic of her list (front and back) before she gave it to Santa.

Curious, what are your kiddos asking for this year?

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