Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This Morning my blog was YELLING to me:



"Remember ME, your BLOG?"

"Please DON'T abandon me..........."

So here I sit ~ shopping...... I MEAN blogging (lots of back to school deals ~ Sassy she wears a woman's 9 1/2 in Puma shoes.... right?  No?  hmmmm,   AND yes, you are correct, I DO have big feet!).

I'm ready to type and tell you about all of the exciting adventures we've been on in the last few days, like.....
umm, well........

Ok, I'll tell you about the fabulous projects I've finished like:

well, my embellished..... nope, not done.

my chalkboa..... hmmm, not done either.

I know, how about the holder for......  UGH, never mind!!!

Yep, it's all sitting unfinished in my messy "scrapbook" room , which by the way hasn't been worked on either (scrap booking, that is).

Here is really what has been going on.

Smiley got sick.
Action got sick.

We had a great night out with 3 other couples and their kids on Friday night.  We went to a great restaurant that has a "back yard" with play equipment, sand pit, and horseshoes.  MEANING... the kids played, while us adults hung out.   Life was grand until Action started not feeling so hot again ~ he was having these horrible headaches....

Saturday.  Relaxing, shopping (found some ADORABLE dresses for Sassy and Smiley when it comes time to finally get some family pics taken ~ this fall... so we don't all melt when we are outside).
 A movie.  Yep, Hubby and I actually rented a movie.

Shutter Island ~ Have you seen it?  What did you think?  Talk about mind games!!!!  It wasn't quite what I expected and I'm not sure I liked it.

Sunday ~ Sassy's turn to get sick.
I went shopping with a friend.  We were on a mission.  We are leading our church Parent's group this year and we needed to purchase items for a silent auction basket for our church's upcoming festival. 
Mission accomplished:

That's it ~
We are all healthy!
Sassy starts fall fast pitch softball tonight.
It's suppose to be another hot, humid, potentially stormy day (ie, the spray paint will stay on the shelf for another day).
Spin class starts in 1hour and 15 mins ~ so I should maybe get the kids up.
Embrace the camera is tomorrow.
I'm meeting up with college roommates this weekend for a MUCH NEEDED GIRLS WEEKEND!!!!


Lastly, I need your help!

I am on a mission to find a coffee maker that doesn't drip or leak when you pour.

What kind of coffee maker do you have?
Do you like it?


alicia said...

Shopping is a lot of work, and it looks like you've had your fair share, so don't be too hard on yourself! ;)

I can't wait to see your coffee pot reviews as I am always having coffee pot issues. Hubs is a bit tired of all my whining about them. I will say, I have had $150 Cuisanarts, and $20 Mr Coffee- if Mr Coffee put the auto timer on it, we'd be fine. (it tastes so much better in the cuisanart though...) see, its endless.

Anonymous said...

I haven't see Shutter Island, but I've heard both good and bad things about it.
As far as coffee makers go, I had a black and decker coffee maker and hated it. So I don't recommend that brand. Good luck!

BeCr8iv said...

Coffee makers-funny. My girlfriend works at Caribou and she is the only person I know that can pour coffee out of any pot without a drip (she tells me it's cuz she is a professional). Mine is a Melitta-got it on a super clearance. I love that you put in whole beans and it grinds and brews all in one stop. And no throw away filters. However, I do still drip from time to time. ;-)

Cocaine Princess said...

I was at the movies once when I overheard the people standing behind me reveal the surprising twist in the film Shutter Island. I still have yet to see it.

the treat girl said...

Tell me about it! It's all I can do to get caught up with my bloggy friends once a week or so....I need to school to start! Believe it or not, I got a percolator! I looooove it! It makes the coffee hotter than anything I've ever had....mine is a Farberware "superfast"...I know you'd love it!