Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Party (part 2) ~ mmm... time for cake and presents!

Instead of one birthday cake, I made Smiley two different kinds of cupcakes ~ carrot cupcakes and banana cupcakes ~ both with fluffy cream cheese frosting. YUMMY!

I made personalized little toppers for each cupcake by using a large decorative circle punch to cut out her picture. Then another circle punch just a little bit bigger than the first one to cut out a piece of card stock. I glued them together, glued the final product to a small bamboo fork and stuck them into the cupcakes. Very easy and pretty darn cute if you ask me. I think she liked it too!

Ready Princess? DIG IN!

Feeling a little full.

Time to open a few presents.
Smiley never really got into opening her gifts ~ although these pictures say otherwise:

Overall, I think she had a good FIRST Birthday!

Happy Birthday Smiley ~ We love you LOTS and wish you MANY more!


Happy Mom said...

Looks like she is one lucky little girl. Happy Birthday Smiley!

the treat girl said...

LLLOooooovve the cupcake toppers!!!! I have those same scrapbook punches and make toppers for my cupcakes all the time...just with writing on them...for Cubbys Mickey Mouse party a few weeks ago I made Mickey Mouse heads on my Cricut...but I will try the picture idea next!